Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm am James C Meyer, born in Hawaii, but living in NYC for ten years now. I am a proud alumnus from Atlantic Acting School Conservatory here in NYC!

As a tall, 6'1", nice looking guy, I tend to get cast as the nice guy with an internal struggle (young priest with doubting thoughts), or more confident characters such as a lawyer, FBI agent, or a cop. I've also played the dad worrying about his ill infant to a cab driver about to have a nervous breakdown. I am happy playing characters that have depth. My life experience has helped me in my craft of acting - from being a Nuclear Electrical Technician in the US Navy, getting my degree in Environmental Molecular Biology at UC Berkeley, and getting my Masters in Education at Hunter College and teach high school biology in Brooklyn. I've seen the world and learned how to work hard to get where I am in life.

One character I am blessed to have played is Jerry, in the short comedy, White Lies, by Tom Fenaille. I played the lead character who grew up believing his parents' lie that he can't say more than 10,000 words per month. It was a great experience working with a full crew and playing a character with the struggle of trying to live his life, work, and date women all while trying to limit his word usage!

I've also acted in several student and grad student films; acted in the Secret Theater One Act Festival in, Houdini (2016), and in the Strawberry Theater Festival in, For A Life (2018), among other plays. And I've worked with Columbia, Brooklyn, and CUNY film grad students on their projects. I've also starred in docudramas on Animal Planet's Monsters Inside Me, and Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum as Nicola Tesla and Walter Dimmick, as well as Investigative Discovery's True Crime with Aphrodite Jones and Shadow of Doubt (both speaking roles). Also, a short play I wrote, 'Snow Globe,' was accepted into Summerfest 2019 Theater Festival. Lastly, 'Snow Globes' was also accepted in The Secret Theater One Act Festival 2020! I also directed and am starring in the play.

Currently, I am auditioning for theater, student films, short films, films, and commercials.

My goals are to obtain representation and audition for and work in television and film.

My biggest accomplishment thus far has been meeting my beautiful wife in NYC and having our baby!

Atlantic Acting School Alumni function with ensemble members.